Unexpected data loss or sudden IT disaster can be detrimental to your business. Long Island Data Solutions is your solution to data back-up and peace of mind. We provide small and midsized businesses offsite backup solutions.

Businesses face a myriad of threats every day, some intentional and some not; Hackers, viruses, power failures, natural disasters, and simple human errors. All of these have the potential to cause loss of data and shutdown of essential server or IT systems.

Our back-up solutions restore your IT systems and recover lost data within hours – sometimes within minutes. Server and application failures don’t have to be the end of the world for your business.

Offsite Back-up Solutions

  • Server backup and routine monitoring
  • 24/7 data center monitoring
  • Off-site server monitoring
  • Off-site server replication
  • Physical backup
  • Data security
  • Remote backup
  • Off-site storage facility

Our offsite backup solutions are one more way to give your company increased security and functionality in the case of an unexpected event or disaster.