Network Security Solutions

No business is safe from computer network threats. That is why the first line of defense is a secure network. We specialize in security solutions for businesses both large and small. From firewalls, VPNs and intrusion detection, we have you covered. Long Island Data Solutions is a network security company you can depend on and trust. We make sure that your company’s network is at the highest level of security.

  • Virus Protection
  • SPAM Filters
  • Firewall Installations
  • Disaster Prevention
  • Application and Desktop Security
  • Protected Email Servers
  • Internet Gateway Privacy
  • Secure VPN Solutions
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Security Audits

Customized Threat Management

We provide dependable network security solutions customized to fit your company’s needs. We realize that not every company is the same and therefore has different needs, so we custom fit each network security solution plan to meet the requirements of your company. Our custom threat management solutions can provide every level of network security for your company.