Professional and Experienced

Our team averages over 15 years IT tenure per tech. Each tech is trained and qualified to help all of our clients no matter their business size or needs. Our clientele experience ranges from working with Fortune 1000 companies down to small and medium sized businesses.

24/7 system monitoring

We know about problems before you do thanks to our enterprise level system monitoring Technology. We identify hardware and application problems proactively and efficiently so we can help you avoid any disruptions.

Advanced Ticketing System

We deploy an advanced support ticket platform that allows you to create and manage your support tickets for fast resolution and track response rates. It’s easy to use and helps us help you better.

Fast and responsive

Long Island Data Solutions responds to you as quickly as possible. We understand that any downtime has the ability to create major obstacles for your business operations so we make it a priority to detect issues before they happen and resolve them as quickly as possible so that your business runs smoothly.